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Whereas, many political and Constitutional experts agree, over the years politicians in the U.S. Congress have manipulated its original intent and have abandoned their fundamental duty set forth by our Founding Fathers …to “serve the will of the public majority.”

Whereas, rampant backroom bargaining and political payoffs to pet special interests in exchange for hefty campaign contributions and in-kind votes has turned Congress into a “ruling elite” of career, professional politicians. Their only goal is to keep themselves in office…and continue to do so by unfairly assaulting the pocketbooks and wishes of the taxpaying, public majority,

Whereas,, the American majority has lost control of “our” representative voice in Washington. Year after year Congress either ignores the issues that independent polls report are most important to the American majority or they make our nation’s problems worse.

Whereas, massive trillion dollar deficits, billions in taxpayer-funded “bailouts”, takeover of private sector industries and our health care – despite public majority opposition – is destroying our economic health, individual liberty, world standing and threatening our national security,

Whereas, legislation has been introduced in Congress calling for a Constitutional Amendment to limit Congressional terms much like the 22nd Amendment adopted back in 1951 to limit Presidential Terms,

Whereas, Article Five of our U.S. Constitution says if Congress fails to pass the amendment, two-thirds of the States can call for a Constitutional convention to force them to do so. And when ratified by three-fourths of the States, it would become law – no matter how many career politicians in Washington fight it.

Therefore, as a taxpayer and voter, and a supporter of the National Campaign to Limit Congressional Terms, I urge you to support a statewide initiative calling for an Amendment to limit Congressional terms, so we – the taxpaying majority – can regain control of our runaway U.S. Congress.
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